How Worthy Is Gold Jewellery As An Investment? Find Here!

Gold is the among the most traded metals in the world, and regardless of the economic fluctuations, gold remains in demand. In terms of investment, most buyers go for gold coins and bullions, which contains 24k gold – The highest quality that one can buy. This brings us to the question – Is gold jewellery worth an investment? With some of the online stores selling stunning gold jewellery from around the world, we take a look at things that matter.

Know your gold first

Most people don’t realize the difference between 24k, 22k, 18k and 14k gold varieties that are available for sale. For jewellery purposes, 24k gold is not suitable, because it’s too brittle to work with. It must be noted that 100% pure gold is a myth – In general terms, 24k gold is considered to be pure or 100% gold, but it’s only 99.9% pure.  Jewellery that you can find in the market are usually made of 22k or 18k gold, although in recent years, 14k gold is equally famous. For the uninitiated, 22k gold is 91.67% pure, while 18k gold is 75% pure. Ideally, 22k gold is not preferred for making diamond jewellery, so all diamond products are typically made of 18k gold.

Gold jewellery as an investment

If you are buying physical gold as an investment but don’t want to settle for bullions, jewellery is a good choice. However, as an investment, 22k gold is most preferred, so ensure that you buy jewellery in that category. To be fair, 18k gold is still desirable as an investment, but since the purity of the metal is considerably low, you pay a much lower price and shouldn’t expect big returns. We are not considering 14k gold, which might be great for making cheap and wearable jewellery but is nowhere a choice of investment. If you are just looking for jewellery that’s meant for rough use and offers the same shine and beauty of gold, 9k gold jewellery should be your first choice. Such items are absolutely budget-friendly and great for office-going women who prefer light and practical designs.

Final word

Always select a store that specializes in gold and gold jewellery, so that you can find the latest trends and designs. Online stores, as we mentioned earlier, have made things simpler for buyers, as it’s easy to find numerous collections, and you can buy according to your budget.

Check online for gold jewellery and start shopping!

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