Playing your Cards Right and Know What You Are Getting into While Investing in Coins

Investments are necessary in life. Many people invest in real estate, stocks and even coins. Gold coins are the most sought out option amongst customers.

Be a Smart Investor

When it comes to gold, you definitely do not want to take any risk. When you buy gold, you need to pay attention to certain factors such as the quality standards and weight, so as not to get duped into buying fake gold coins.

Gold coins can always be measured by its purity. You might have come across the word “Karat” when you ask any jewelry stores about gold. Gold can be found in 22 or 24 karats. A 22-karat gold refers to the product is a mix of 22 parts of gold and the balance 2 parts is from other metals.


Next is the fineness of the gold coins. No matter how pure the gold coins are, they will always be some impurities in it. Here the weight of the coins can determine its purity level. The weight of the gold coins can range between 0.5 to 100 grams. If you want them in standard range, then you can ask for guinea coins.

The design of the gold coins also matters. You can get it engraved with the logo of your company or with images of famous presidents, gods or goddesses. Another important criterion that you might not want to miss out on would be checking for the hallmark on these gold coins. All genuine gold coins will have a BIS certification on them. Enquire about the making charges of the gold coin. The right range would be 4 – 11%.

Buy from Genuine Dealers

Not all that glitters are gold. Gold coins are generally sold in jewelry stores or e-commerce platforms. Many of the banks and other financial institutions also sell gold coins. You might want to check the current gold price if you plan to sell your gold coin.

Many people generally tend to be skeptical when it comes to gold coins. The below reasons to invest in them might help you change your mind:

  • The value of gold tends to rise during inflation
  • It is more profitable in the long run
  • It helps in spreading the investment risks
  • You can easily cash them in the case of financial emergencies.


Many people even purchase gold coins on auspicious occasions or during festivals to bring good luck and fortune. It is always better to have some knowledge about the current scenario of the gold industry before investing in them.

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