What Are the Reasons to Invest in Mercedes-AMG G6?

Mercedes Benz has been the dream model in four-wheeler automobile. A lot of people are crazy about the recent introduction in Mercedes-AMG G-Class, Mercedes-AMG G6. This model is designed to be different than its predecessor. The new model G6 has been overdue for a long time. Let us see what those reasons are that make it the most admired automobile in the present market.

Independent suspension

The latest introduction in AMG Mercedes G class series, G6 comes with an independent front level suspension. This makes the ride not just comfortable, but also a lot safer and exciting on the street.

Amazing Power

It has been found that people are very delighted to look at its remarkable features. One of those features is its exemplary power. With the launch of G6 in the automobile market, it has been recognized as the supreme top-level G Class. This model offers around 577 hp and around 627 lb. feet torque from four-liter twin turbo V8 engine.

The low range of transfer case in G6 is replaced by AMG performance of four-matic all-wheel drive. The distribution of torque is locked front/rear “40 /60” to work efficiently even in the worst terrain. This state gets further improved by the inclusion of sand, trail and rock mode to the dynamic drive system.

Robust body

The G63 model shows brilliant displays that are found in air vents and S-Class that showcases ramjet intakes. As its body includes high-strength of aluminum in several areas, it is less heavy and quiet than before. The entire body is made to be wider and shorter. It provides more amount of cargo space than other models.

The G-Class stays blocky that makes it one of the high in demand models of Mercedes. As compared to the standard version of Mercedes-Benz, the AMG G6 offers a more rigid ride to the person who drives it.

The front design of the grille present in the latest models of AMG cars also adds wheel arches, new bumpers, air vents, tailpipes, and a selection between 21 inches or 22 inches wheels. The front lights present on this vehicle can easily be transformed into multibeam LED headlights.


Looking at these features of Mercedes-AMG G6, there is no doubt in saying that this car is one of the most special introductions in the market. It is going to definitely steal the heart of people.

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